Facebook leaked data shows it tracks users across internet 2021

Facebook leaked data shows it is tracking users across the internet

Facebook leaked data Facebook’s recent data breach highlighted the company’s continued practice of tracking user data across the Internet. A user has now exposed the same through a series of screenshots showing the depth of this activity tracker.

Millions of Facebook users have recently fallen victim to a large-scale data breach. The attack exploited user data, including phone numbers, email credentials, photos, and more. A new Twitter thread now reveals that Facebook is collecting too much data from a user, which can now be opened for data breach victims.

Facebook leaked data shows it tracks users across the internet

The information was shared in a series of tweets by Twitter user Zaman Qureshi. Qureshi decided to upload his Facebook data after learning he was part of the data breach. It was at this point that revelations were made about Facebook’s tracking activity.

While collecting his data on the social media website, Qureshi checked a folder called “your_off_facebook_activity”. The Twitter user found that Facebook was in fact after its internet activities.

This included their food orders online, their applications to universities as well as their research queries. Note that all of this internetwork was done on websites other than Facebook. The technology major collects this information under the term “activity outside Facebook”. The term Umbrella helps Facebook track user activity on businesses and organizations other than Facebook.

The screenshot shared by Qureshi in his tweet shows that such activity on his part has been clearly traced by Facebook. Facebook has collected data, including the name of the host website/company, for the activity that took place at the time, it was performed.

In the case of the pizza order, the screenshot shows the company name Domino’s Pizza USA. Also, the time when the actions were detected is mentioned for each of the activities, which are categorized according to the auction – purchase, custom, active_ap, etc. The simple act of visiting a website is labeled “Page”.

At the end of his Twitter feed, Qureshi says he has turned off these tracking features since they came to his attention. Additionally, the user has cleared their browser history and now recommends everyone to do so.

Those interested can manage it through the Non-Facebook Activity tab under their Facebook settings. A clear history option under the subdivision should allow users to delete this data being tracked by Facebook. For the future, the toggle switch can be moved to OFF in future non-Facebook activity settings.

This problem doesn’t end here by any means, as Qureshi has warned that Facebook will follow you even if you are out of practice. A section under Non-Facebook Activity indicates that the social media service will still receive activity from businesses and organizations the user is viewing. However, this information will be deducted from the user account.

Note that disabling this feature will prevent you from using your Facebook login for any other website or service on the Internet.

To be extra careful with this privacy attack, removing apps from the Facebook group including Facebook and Instagram is the biggest step. If this is not an option, users are advised not to browse while they are logged in. It is recommended that they use Facebook through a different browser and sometimes on phones, especially Android.

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